The Jump team are experts in the development and execution of high impact, innovative and results-driven marketing, communications and events.

First and foremost, the team at Jump are highly qualified marketing and communications experts, combining extensive experience within the unique sporting environment.

We have worked on a broad range of complex projects, from events with multi-million dollar budgets and large staff to those with limited budgets and a reliance on volunteer workforces.

Jump Media & Marketing has managed global and domestic marketing and communications programs in sports as diverse as athletics, cycling, mass participation multi-sport, running and swimming events, golf, triathlon, gymnastics and hockey.

We have extensive experience with national and international federations along with state sporting organisations and community clubs,  government agencies, multi-national companies, large and small scale event organising committees and media companies and agencies.

All members of the Jump Media & Marketing team bring with them significant sport specific expertise from current and previous projects, former employment roles, volunteer positions and personal involvements in sport at all levels. By accessing Jump’s expertise, you ensure a significant level of intellectual and organisational skill is available to achieve your commercial and organisational objectives.

We pride ourselves on being self sufficient in sourcing and developing sports specific information and opportunities. You will not need to ‘service the service provider’ allowing you to concentrate on your core business, whilst we deliver the agreed project outcomes.