Client:  Amy Gillett Foundation

Project Duration:  7 months each year, 2014 – 2016

Size of Core Project Team:  3 staff

Engaged by the Amy Gillett Foundation, Jump Media & Marketing delivered the media, public relations, event marketing and communications for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo, a once-a-year opportunity to ride the fully closed Great Ocean Road.

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo is held in memory of Australian cycling team member Amy Gillett, who tragically lost her life in a training ride in Germany in 2005 when hit by a car. The event generates vital fundraising to support the Amy Gillett Foundation’s tireless efforts to promote shared respect between motorists and bike riders and reduce the incidence of death and injury of bike riders through improved conditions for cycling.

The event was introduced in 2011 and immediately captured the attention of the mass participation cycling market due to the unique course, the cause and the safety elements of the event. However event entries declined in 2013, so a reinvigorated campaign was required.

2014 marked the fourth edition of Amy’s Gran Fondo and the first edition with Jump working on the event. Jump worked closely with the Amy Gillett Foundation to overhaul all aspects of its marketing campaign. This reinvigorated marketing campaign resulted in a sold out event, reflected by an increase in registrations by 38% compared to 2013, and the largest number of participants in the event’s history. 2015 witnessed a further 19% increase in entries, taking entries from 3,541 in 2013 to 5,824 in 2015 a massive 64% increase.

This was achieved through the following strategies:

  • Revitalised branding reflecting the unique selling points of the event
  • Entry opening April Fool’s Day stunt to drive initial entries
  • Focus on the cause and the course
  • Strong database and digital marketing campaign
  • Public relations effort at key points across the timeline
  • Sponsor leverage to assist the sales process via various channels

The Jump driven PR campaign received an unprecedented amount of media exposure throughout the campaign, providing further promotion of Amy Gillett Foundation’s key message of bike rider safety throughout the community.

Project highlights include:

  • A record number of 5,824 event entries for the 2015 event, a 19.2% increase from 2014. Entry numbers over a two year period (the first two years of Jump’s involvement) increased by 64.5%.
  • A 405% increase in entries from 2014 in the Family Fondo ride category following on from Jump recommendations to change the name and marketing of this ride following the 2014 event.
  • The continued development of the event look, coupled with new collateral aspects including animated GIFs, animated eDMs and a highly engaging entries opening event video.
  • A digital marketing campaign was implemented, with 1,297,181 ads served resulting in 18,126 new clicks to the event website.
  • A comprehensive social media campaign with highly engaging posts coupled with paid advertising across both Facebook and Twitter, highlighted by Twitter hashtags #AmysGranFondoand #AMetreMatters receiving over 3.6 million impressions in 2016, and reaching over 105,000 accounts during the event week, a 56.5% and 46.85% increase respectively from 2015 figures.
  • Exceptional post event engagement with an event video featuring never before seen footage of the Great Ocean Road, photos and rider blogs.
  • A record fundraising amount achieved in 2016, with a grand total of $84,265 raised.
  • An SEO campaign that significantly improved the event website’s ranking across a number of keywords and important search results.


What an amazing team! It’s been a privilege to work with each and every team member from AGF, CA and Jump Media in delivering Amy’s Gran Fondo. We spoke glowingly about the AGF-CA-Jump combination at the sponsor dinner on Saturday night and missed those who were still working into the evening, or resting for a 4am start on Sunday. Thank you all very much for taking pride in your work, the organisation you represent, and your care for the AGF.

Tracey Gaudry
CEO, Amy Gillett Foundation

For further information – visit www.amysgranfondo.org.au