Client:  Australian University Sport

Project Duration:  Since 2012

Size of Core Project Team:  4 for preparation phase; 4 staff and 60+ volunteers at event time

Jump has been engaged by Australian University Sport to develop and execute a multi-faceted marketing, communications and community engagement program for the Australian Masters Games since 2012, working on the 14th edition in Geelong in 2013, the 15th edition in Adelaide in 2015 and the 16th edition in Tasmania in 2017.

In addition, Jump was contracted to deliver the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games in Geelong.

The strategy developed by Jump Media & Marketing had clearly identified objectives, tactics, key messages and delivery segments and aimed to activate and engage the target audiences to drive awareness, entries, interest and excitement about the event.

In effect, Jump delivered a multi-layered marketing program that involved:

  • overall Games marketing, communications and PR program that activated previous participants, Australian sporting clubs, stakeholder networks and the Geelong community; plus sought to reach broad and new audiences to drive entries and increase band awareness for future editions; and
  • sport specific micro-strategies and activities for the 15 highest participation sports, developed and executed in conjunction with the state and national sporting associations to further extend the reach of the messaging.

For both editions these strategies produced outstanding results.

Over eight days of competition, the event provided a platform for 8000 participants to excel in one of the 50 plus sports on offer and take home a collection of records, medals and memories.

Project highlights included:

  • A successful early bird registration campaign in 2013, with a 61% increase in Gold participant registrants above projected numbers and previous results. In 2015 a further 13% increase in both early bird and total Games registrations was achieved.
  • Marketing campaign with successful extended reach, via print and radio advertising, outdoor advertising, social media activation and digital campaigns resulting in 52% of total entries being ‘new’ to the Australian Masters Games in 2015.
  • Excellent local and national media coverage across all mediums for both editions of the Games, including targeted local media for participating athletes alongside mainstream major media coverage across radio, television, print and online media.
  • Management and leverage of the print media partnerships with the Geelong Advertiser in 2013 and Adelaide Advertiser in 2015 that delivered extensive pre-Games and event time coverage for both editions.
  • The development of a new Australian Master’s Games Facebook page which grew from zero to 4,285 throughout the 2013 campaign and achieved a total reach of 1,178,830. This increased to 7,924 – a further 84.92% increase during the 2015 campaign.
  • Creation of the @AusMastersGames Twitter account which peaked around the Games opening period in 2013 reaching 352,551 accounts and exposure to over one million users during a nine day window. Follower numbers were doubled in 2015, with a total reach of 862,324, making a total of 1.64 million impressions across the event week.
  • Development of a new website at which generated a 24% increase in visitation from the 2011 event, peaking with 86,087 visits during the event fortnight.
  • Communication campaign for both editions that created and delivered a range of engaging content including media releases, e-newsletters, and Games related guides and kits.
  • Targeted engagement with and activation of state and national sporting organisations, generating web stories, e-newsletters, Twitter and Facebook activations to further promote the Games to new audiences.
  • In 2013, successful ceremonies with highly engaged audiences at both the Opening Ceremony featuring iconic Australian performers James Reyne and Mental as Anything on a double bill, and the ‘Funky Town’ themed Closing Ceremony featuring Pseudo Echo.

Jump Media & Marketing was pivotal to the success of the 14th Australian Masters Games, and made my role as Chairman easy and effective. I would be delighted to endorse your contribution.

Kean Selway
Chair, 14th Australian Masters Games

There has been a considerable step forward for the Games since we started working with you all, evidenced in the registration numbers at close of the early bird period. You guys have been professional, fun and great to work with. You have also been amazingly committed to the project and I am so pleased we have you on board. As a group you do great work and whilst we deal with Sam and Rosie hourly!!!!, I know that Taryn and Dave are also heavily involved. The result at the end of the early bird is well above my expectations and has given me a real buzz to see it unfold. Thanks again for the effort.

Ian Fitzpatrick
General Manager, 14th Australian Masters Games

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